Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Fan Letter

See that list of blogs there on the right? You know, the list no one ever pays any attention to?

Well, for the last year or so I have been following 'Here Comes A Storm...' and IT'S CHANGED MY LIFE! Okay, maybe not life changing but it sure has added some fun stuff.

Music - I listen to the music she posts and wonder why I don't have it in my music library. Then I send links to people who I think might enjoy it. After that, I go to itunes and buy most of it (I said most not all Bassman!). I can't say one way or the other but I wouldn't be surprised if she is on their payroll.

Movies - She excels at music selection. But her movie reccomendations! Things I have never heard of but when I check on Netflix, I know I'll have to watch them. So they go into my queue. (Wait! Maybe it is really Netflix she works for!)

Actually, she doesn't work for either of them. I have never met her and doubt I ever will. But you can rest assured that I'll keep following her blog as long as she keeps posting entries. And if you are a fan of the bizarre, sometimes obscure, and occasionally downright wonderful, you might want to check her out too.

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bettyl said...

It's quite fascinating how the internet gets your attention on different things. My mom said it's always polite to give a compliment when it was due!