Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 3

The weaning continues on. The stall is next to the house. That means the smell and ordure (how you like that word?) are also next to the house. And someone thinks that is FABULOUS!

A downside (is there an upside?) to this whole weaning thing is having to clean out a stall every day. Not only is the cleaning part a hassle but then the whole question of what to do with all the manure comes up.

One horse can poop a LOT. Even when the horse is out of the barn during the day, there is a minimum of 2 wheelbarrow loads. As if that isn't enough fun for one person, my garden tractor with the dump trailer is not working, which means wherever the poo is going, I will be the one pushing it to its destination.

Occasionally when I am facilitating the removal of the offal, a road apple or two fall out of the wheelbarrow. If I don't get them back in the load quickly, ole' Cruella grabs 'em and scarfs them down.

Manna! If goats poop dog food then horses poo dog treats! She can't get enough of the stuff.

However, I think it is gross and unhealthy. So I yell at her. And she gives me this...

It's very hard to argue with that. Especially when she is merely trying to help me dispose of the stuff.


"Z" said...

I'm honestly impressed -) Thank you. please keep reading!!

annest said...

At times like this, I ask myself, 'what would I rather be doing?;' Truthfully, usually can't think of much else. There is just something so earthy about pushing that wheelbarrow full of horse poop.....the zen of mucking. Just be glad it's not cow poop!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I agree. I am not too keen on cow poop.