Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trying Something New

On one of my shopping trips while in South Carolina, I purchased this hat. I always like the idea of a hat but when it comes time to put it on and go out in public, I usually chicken out. A chapeau causes people to look at you, or smile at you, or even, occasionally, to laugh at you. And who wants to be laughed at?

I guess the answer is, I do. No, not all the time but seeing someone smiling, even if it is due to my ridiculousness (?) is worth any slight discomfort I may have.

That's part of it. The other part is (confession time) I have a goal. What is that lofty hope that I carry within? To be defined as ECCENTRIC.

How am I doing so far?


Kate said...

Eccentrics are by far easier remembered than good ol' plain Janes! I say, go for it! Hat's are cool. I've taken to wearing them out more often, too, but that's also because it's always cold in Maine, except for in July. Then you need a visor to shield your eyes from the sun.

annest said...

The hat alone does not do justice to the total (albeit eccentric) package! Hooray for trying to bring a smile to a person's life. What's your hat selection going to be for the spring? I say a lime green baseball hat, but then a straw hat is always fun, especially to use while gardening. Of course, there is another use for a hat....that is to cover up the mistakes one makes with one's hair!!