Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am so NOT a fan of cold weather. I swear I am a southerner that was born into a northerner's body.

However, today when I got up it was snowing. Big fat flakes that float slowly to earth where they amass in a gigantic field of glistening wonder (oh man, how evocative is that! Sometimes I can pull a rabbit out of my hat!).

It was a grand day. The sun shining off the snow made the entire house light up inside. So bright! It is days like this that can almost cause me to rethink my view on winter.

Sure. Until I have to go OUTSIDE in the freezing cold to feed the horses (I don't think they really appreciate the sacrifices I make). Then when I come back in, I am ready to start looking for real estate a bit further south. Like Cuba.


Anonymous said... can be a calming long as you can just watch through a window as it piles up.
no snow days here in colorado.
many disappointed kids.
(and a few adults)

Kate said...

Arg, I hear you there. We just got 2+ feet last night. My arms are a wee bit sore now.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Hard to believe but the little ones had to go to school here today too!

Aaroneous said...

I AM JEALOUS!! Almost no cold precip this year in Atlanta :(

At least last year we had a couple of inches of snow...

Misfit in Paradise said...

Kate - I saw your pictures on your blog. I don't envy you that.
Aaroneous - I do believe that ALL the areas that have had snow would be quite willing to ship it down to you!