Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's cold and snowy and gray. And a little dull. Which means I have to resort to torturing the animals for some entertainment.

I started with my sweet, sweet Ziggy. Nothing a cat likes better than being 'groomed' with a lint brush. It pulls the hair out one at a time.

She must have liked it. She was purring and growling at the same time. She's pretty talented.

Speaking of talented, here is the genius protector dog. Her talent is standing very still after having her t shirt pulled over her head.

So still that she piqued Cupid's interest. Her fascination waned when Cruella simply continued to stand there.

The dog stood there so long even I began to get bored. I either need spring to show up or some new torture tricks for my critters.


Aaroneous said...

Makes me wish I had a cat again. :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit when I saw the thumbnail pic I thought you were using a rolling pin on the cat... :os

Misfit in Paradise said...

There are times when I have been tempted...