Monday, November 3, 2008

Travelogue 26

As I head south to Hilton Head, I begin to understand why so many people head to the Smokies at this time of year. The colors are absolutely stunning. My only wish would be a few less cell phone towers (at the top of the photo).

Tuesday is the perfect day to travel. Not a lot of fellow sightseers trying to horn in on my viewing pleasures!

The rest area just over the North Carolina border is a pleasant place to stop. Lots of room for the dogs (or kids) to roam. Magnificent vistas to soothe the soul.

A hint of lenticular clouds over the mountains. I just learned what they are and now I get to see them. Travel is just so doggone educational.

At this point as we head out of the mountains, I always tell the Bassman, "I can see the ocean! You know, it is right there on the horizon where the earth appears to flatten out."

I am so incredibly lucky to be able to spend time driving through, to, or at so many different Paradises. Truth be told though, everywhere is Paradise. When we remember that, life becomes much brighter.

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annest said...

You're right! Paradise is where you make each and every momoent. But beautiful scenery sure does help, doesn't it? The photos are beautiful. I think this fall in Liberty Kentucky was the prettiest I've ever seen -- a true blaze of glory. AS