Friday, November 14, 2008

Paradise Beach

I had been here for a week and still hadn't made it to the beach. The thought of fighting through the tourist crowd usually makes it a no brainer for me. I don't go. But occasionally there comes along such a perfect beach day that I can't refuse.

This was one such day. Foggy, cool, almost dusk. Not the picture that Hilton Head puts in their tourist brochures. No bikini clad babes, no children with sand castles. Just those of us who love our beach a bit spooky.

Fans of gothic novels. Older lovers. People who know that sometimes perfection is in oddities.

Welcome back.


Anonymous said...

nice piece...well said
wish i had been there to share the day

Anonymous said...

i like the sidebar pics and references.
just wish that leaving a comment was easier

annest said...

What a pretty picture of the beach! I'm with you..... I like the beach when no one else seems to...when it's sort of gloomy and gray. AS