Saturday, July 5, 2008

Traveling in style

This was our transportation on the 4th. My father, his wife, and I went up to their camper on a local lake for the day. Too much food, too much sun, two hours of fireworks, and just enough fun. Good times.

If you look at the bottom of the picture you can see Cruella, the killer doberman doing her Frodo impersonation. Usually she is 3 steps behind me making sure she is not in any danger at any time.

This morning my daughter and her husband came over to visit. It was so nice to see them. Even if Ron's entire reason for visiting was to pick up his birthday gift! After they left, Sandy and I went up to the Windmill.

The Windmill is only open on Saturday. It is filled with craft vendors, mennonite produce, baked goods, greasy food, healthy food, and stock from almost every winery on the Finger Lakes. Sandy found a new red hat for herself and I bought lots of silver jewelry. Which I will wear almost constantly for the next two weeks and then it will get placed in the box and I will forget I own it for a year. I can only pull off the girly look so often.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest (church?). Monday Stacy and I will go to Canandaigua. If it rains we plan to spend the whole time up there on the slot machines. God Bless New York State!

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