Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day, another Paradise

It's time to take the new laptop (which, if you remember, is NOT A DELL!) and hit the road.

The first trip will be back to New York. New York in the summertime is absolutely glorious. Rolling hills covered with cattle filled pastures. Slow moving rivers with canoeists and kayakers. Lakes dotted with cottages and restaurants. Wonderful small town celebrations.

The area I grew up in used to have a small amusement park. Nothing too big, a carousel, roller coaster, whip, miniature golf, etc. By the time I was a teenager, Eldridge Park was on its last legs. It was sad to watch the decline.

However, a handful of dedicated volunteers have been trying to bring it back to life. A few years ago they got the carousel back together and running. This year their project was resurrecting the boat ride on the 2 acre lake. I am looking forward to enjoying both of these in the coming week.

But it is the fourth of July! Of course there will be family picnics and fireworks. My daughter and I will go to Sonnenberg Gardens. We might even stop at Canadaigua race track and bet on a few ponies.

Summer in upstate New York is definitely summer in Paradise. I can't wait to get back!

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