Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See Ya'

I swear, I will try to make this my last horse related post for awhile.

Two weeks ago I came to the painful decision that I could no longer financially or physically care for 5 horses. My 2 big horses were ridden the least but they were also the animals I had owned the longest. After a quabillion tears. I decided to look for a good home for them.

I find it amazing that I had such a hard time giving 2 horses away. I did find them a good, no a great, home but I had to throw some tack in with them before the people would take them.

Oh my gosh, it was tough taking them up there. I took the old mare first and she was upset to leave her baby behind yet thrilled at all the grass that was now available. I let go of her halter and she couldn't get away from me fast enough.

Once my neighbor and I arrived with the old girl's son, both horses were in hog heaven. More pasture than they had seen in 11 years. Plus they were still together as they had been since Zip was born. It was hard leaving them but I knew they would be taken care of and well loved.

This week I drove up to check on them. They were grazing in the lush pasture without a care in the world. I whistled for them. Both of them lifted their heads and then did the, "Do we know you?" thing.

Hunh! I guess they aren't pining away for me after all.

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