Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Monday night, June 16th, I went online looking to purchase a laptop. I did some research, figured a budget, and decided on a Dell. Tuesday morning my confirmation email states that the laptop will be shipped July 24, 2008. I called Dell to tell them this was unacceptable. The 'agent' told me if I would buy a more expensive battery and upgrade the shipping, they could send it this week.

I explained again that I found that unacceptable. He said he could not do anything about it since he was just an 'agent'. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I was transferred to someone else. I have no idea if it was a supervisor or not. I explained how I felt and asked the man if he were willing to lose a sale in this economy because of such a slow ship date. He told me they had no problem with this economy and it was fine with him to lose a sale.

My Compaq will be arriving Thursday.

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