Saturday, September 17, 2011

What IS That?

I opened the back door this morning to let the dogs out and my two horses were in the pasture (where the dogs go) entertaining two visiting deer. The deer were startled by the sound of the door and began running back and forth. None of which was noticed by the dogs.

When the dogs finally slid under the fence to head up the hill, craziness ensued. Cruella barked, the deer picked a direction (up the hill!) and Horace ran around totally confused. What were those big things that didn't smell like horses and ran away instead of towards him? That could be fun.

He followed their scent up the hill but luckily they were in a pasture that was fenced with woven wire. And Horace couldn't get through it. Oh, he tried. He followed the entire north end of the line looking for a weakness. How disappointed he was!

So the dogs came back in the house and Horace jumped up on the upstairs couch to soothe his mental wounds. Cruella took the downstairs couch.

She doesn't have any mental wounds but dang, the couch is way more comfortable than the floor.

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