Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homeward Commute

Last night as I was driving home from work there was a spectacular sunset. I kept trying to get pictures of it while I was driving but, well, it didn't work out the best.

I decided that once I got to the road I live on, I would pull over and try to get some shots then. I turned onto the road, pulled forward enough from the intersection to avoid anyone nailing me as they came around the corner, parked, and got out to scope out the view.

I guess I wasn't the only one. I did not even notice this bird until I was out of the car. He (because, as we know, all raptors are male) was stunning! And big. And not bothered by me in the slightest.

I love big birds. I love sunsets. Combine them both, and this is what you get;

You will probably have to click to enlarge the photo to see him there. The only camera I had in the car was my Nikon Coolpix. I would like to think we were both watching the beautiful sunset but I'm pretty sure he was hunting for some dinner.

What a great end to a work day!


Mara said...

That is a nice home-coming treat. I don't often have those. And if I do, I forgot my camera and by the time I've gotten it again, the sunset is no longer any sunset.

Kate said...

Oh, that is just awesome!

Last night's sunset was wonderful up here, as well... and another blogger I read from New York wrote mentioned last night's sunset, too. Must be the time of year or something.