Friday, July 1, 2011

First Time

A while back (southernism there), Fuchsia said that she would love to have an ice cream maker. I told her I had been thinking the same thing but I couldn't justify the expenditure. BUT THEN CAME FATHER'S DAY and we used it as an excuse to buy one for the Bassman.

Tuesday night we finally assembled all the ingredients (we had everything except the ice), threw them into the cannister, and fired that puppy up.

(resting in the cooler to avoid any spillover accidents)

One hour later we had slightly soupy vanilla ice cream. The instructions had warned us it would not be super hard when done churning but would get harder after a few hours in the freezer. They also recommended not adding fruit, chocolate, or nuts until just before sticking it into the freezer.

So I added the cherries and chopped up Hershey's bars and tossed the whole mess into the freezer. And one hour later (because I was about tired of all that WAITING) I had the most delicious homemade ice cream I had ever had.

Of course, as a matter of an honest disclaimer, I must admit it was also the FIRST homemade ice cream I had ever had.

But I have a feeling it won't be the last.

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L.D. said...

great story. I've always wanted to - but never dared -to take the home made ice cream plunge