Sunday, February 20, 2011

Touring Southern Kentucky

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided to hop in the car and go take some pictures. I googled South Central Kentucky for attractions and one of the things that came up was the Mill Springs Battlefield Tour. I had been meaning to check it out for awhile so I let that become my target.

First stop was the museum where I watched a video about the battle. They gave me a map too since I was going to be driving about 100 miles total (not all of that was necessary to the tour. Some of it was just me going around the block).

(This cannon was at the visitor's center. I have no idea why the plastic owl is sitting on it.)

Next door was the cemetery. That's the part I hate visiting the most since it saddens me. Not that I knew anyone interred there, it's just the thought of war. Two sides fighting for what they believe is right and, whether they are or not, the end result is way too many dead.

The rest of the trip promised to be nothing but glorious countryside. Down back roads that didn't see a lot of traffic. At one point, I passed a sign that said, "Muse Cemetery" (explains a lot of writers block) but I didn't get a picture. I knew I would have to return the way I came (the road I was on ended in the river) so I thought I would grab a photo then. No such luck. My theory is that I was never supposed to see that sign to begin with so once I had passed it the little people came and removed it.

The battlefield is on 2 sides of the Cumberland River (which is now LAKE Cumberland) hence the need to retrace my steps before I could continue on. From Nancy, Ky I headed into Somerset then onto Monticello and back to the southern section of Mill Springs. I passed many wonderful empty old buildings (see Liberty blog for more photos) all begging to have their photos taken.

After finishing my tour, I decided to head in a kind of homeward direction. To do that, I had to pass over the Wolf Creek Dam. The dam is undergoing repairs (it leaks) but because it was Saturday I didn't have to deal with the construction traffic.

(Ya' gotta' love the 90 degree turn onto the dam)

After that, it was grocery store, Papa John's, then home. It was a wonderful way to spend an almost spring day.

On a totally unrelated note, this is what Fuchsia brought me home from China,

It is much bigger than it appears in this picture. That is a king sized bed the drawing is over!


Mara said...

Aren't place names funny? When I read that post, I realised you went from France (Nancy) to England (Somerset) to Italy (Monticello). I wish I could do that in one day, but I would need a massively fast car!

I love that drawing, it's absolutely beautiful!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Perhaps if you had a helicopter...

Reader Wil said...

I don't like cemeteries either especially military ones. War is hell and absolutely useless. All soldiers are trained to become killing machines and they know that one day they will be killed or maimed. I hate all that fighting.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Well said.

Sharon Henning said...

Beautiful photos. I found you from best posts of the week. I review books. One is about the Civil War.
If you'd like to visit.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Sharon, thanks for stopping by. You have a lovely blog.

Sailor said...

Beautiful Pictures and well written.

Nilambur said...

Enjoyed the pictures. They are just lovely.