Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Successful Dinner Party

While in NY, I decided to make spaghetti and meatballs. For a crowd. I mixed 3 lbs. of ground chuck with all the other ingredients (it's a secret, you know), fried them to give them that crisp outer shell, and then dumped them into a crockpot full of spaghetti sauce (another secret. Or not. It's plain old Ragu people. No threat to the Pioneer Woman here).

The goal was to have the meatballs finish cooking in the sauce. I turned the crockpot on high and waited for the magic to happen.

And waited. Then waited some more.

I knew the appliance worked because we had used it to make chili for our Christmas get together but it just wouldn't get hot. A bit warm but never hot.

After 2 hours of that, I decided to throw in the towel. I announced dinner was served and hoped that no one would come down with e-coli from the undercooked beef.

As we finished dinner, I looked a little closer at the crockpot. Which still had the cardboard liner between the heating element and the stoneware. The meatballs may never have reached a high temperature but that liner sure did.

No one reported any awful side effects, thank heavens. On the plus side, I think I have invented a new recipe.

Spaghetti and sushi meatballs.


annest said...

How did you cook the chili before? Glad you didn't start a fire -- would have been a hot chili or spaghetti. Then again, anything you make is good to eat.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Bassman made the chili. And repackaged the crockpot back into the original box.

Mara said...

I don't understand the meatballs in the sauce. Mind you, I don't understand the combination of peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps I should just try it once and be convinced!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I would send you some to try and convince you but I'm not sure that would be such a good idea!

Clipped Wings said...

This is so funny! The crock pot of food does look scrumptous. On one of my lazy evenings I heated up frozen pizza in the oven and couldn't figure out why it did't come out quite right until I started cutting it, and realized I had left the cardboard stuck to the bottom of it.

Misfit in Paradise said...

I cooked a wheel of brie once and left the plastic wrapper on it. On of my finer duh moments.