Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Comet is some kind of hound/chihuahua/whatever mix who is approximately 1,000 years old. She is having problems getting around due to her back end giving out periodically. She also spends a lot of her time shivering (which is why she is in the Santa suit. Or at least that is the excuse I give myself). She's definitely in her senior years.

The other night I went into the kitchen (the only room she goes in) and noticed a puddle of blood tinged something. I mopped it up and figured I hadn't heard the dog asking to go out.

An hour later, I went downstairs to find the same thing. Once again I mopped it up. I decided to leash Comet to the table leg and put a towel down so if she had to go she could do it on the towel. Then I went upstairs and googled 'blood in dogs urine'.

Mistake. There are many different causes and none of them are good. The computer screen was practically flashing "CALL VET IMMEDIATELY". Since it was midnight I decided to wait until the next morning. Poor dog.

At 3 am I was sitting in the tub reading (yup, I am a night owl) when I suddenly remembered I had put the turkey out to defrost. Not wanting salmonella for the holidays, I jumped out of the tub and ran to the kitchen.

Where the turkey was defrosting and dripping a blood tinged puddle from the counter to the floor.

Duh. No wonder the poor dog looked at me like I was crazy when I tied her up.


On a totally different subject, this carol is just too pretty to keep to myself. I hope you enjoy it.


NouveauBlogger said...

At least the little guy's ok!

I have an old chihuahua mix too! He shivers, he pees when he shouldn't and he struggles getting around and he's a big pain in the ass at times. But we love him anyway.

Kate said...

Phew! I'm glad Comet is okay. That turkey, on the other hand....

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Oh my good god...I was getting scared reading this blog and was thinking.. how did she fail to tell me all this when we just talked???? Thankfully Shakes the wonder dog is still ok!!!

I love the mediaeval baebes! I have some of their music. Very relaxing!

Mara said...

Oh, that poor dog! I was all worried for him (my cats have been known to have blood in their urine and not once has it been a dripping turkey!).

That carol was really lovely. And I loved the spelling of Baebes!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thank you all for commenting. It really does make my day.