Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The holidays are a fun time but they can be kinda' stressful. The gift issue, running hither and yon, money. Yet delightful things happen too. Seeing children get caught up in the magic of the season, watching fat snowflakes lazily float to the ground (when you're inside nice and warm), the generosity of strangers. And reconnecting with cousins you haven't seen in (ahem) 45 years or so.

I walked into my cousin's house and she looked the exact same as she did last time I saw her. Her sister was sitting in the kitchen and, oh my gosh, she looked so much like my grandmother had. I was a bit nervous about what we would have to talk about but that concern was wiped out within the first 30 seconds.

What did we talk about? Everything! Family (a given), where we had lived, N.Y.S. taxes, stupid things we have done, and on and on and on. We had such a good time we are doing it again Thursday.

So here's to new relationships with old(er, uh, not really old. Just older than we were last time we saw each other) relatives! There truly is magic this time of year!


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Isn't it fun? I so agree with you about the stress (it's the cooking that always gets to me - will the All-Important Christmas dinner turn out okay this year?) but reconnecting with family is wonderful.

I hosted a party for my Mum's 90th birthday earlier this year and invited everyone I could find. SUCH a fun afternoon! In particular I met up with a cousin I was a bit frightened of as a child, and we had such a great time!

annest said...

That is so neat. I can't imagine you worrying about what to talk about. You have a gift for words and for friendship and for family!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Jay - My secret for cooking is to cook lots of different things. That way I know at least one thing will be okay (even if it is just the ranch dip and crudite!)
Anne - Once again, you say the nicest things!