Saturday, November 27, 2010

Savannah With The Girls

Stacy, Fuchsia, and I headed into Savannah for a girl's night earlier this week. Fuchsia hadn't been there for 10 years and she wanted to see something 'Savannahy'. Nothing says Savannah more clearly than River Street.

The street isn't very long, 8 - 10 blocks or so. The cobblestones on the street are the ballast the original ships used on their journey to the south. You can feel the history (and a gazillion bumps) when you drive it.

And drive it is all we did. We didn't want to get into the hordes of people and none of us were in the market for souvenirs or t-shirts. We chatted about the area (I did my semi-remembered tour guide thing) but most of our conversation centered around where we would go for dinner.

Stacy had several suggestions but then she came up with the best idea of all. The Melting Pot. It has to be my favorite of any chain restaurant. Good food, good dessert, all at a leisurely pace. The only suggestion is that you go with someone you can talk to for 2 hours. None of us thought that would be a problem.

No, conversation was not the problem. The problem was that the restaurant didn't open for another 25 minutes so we had to find a way to kill some time.

Which is not difficult to do in Savannah. The city is so beautiful that you could walk for hours and still find something charming.

All that was within 4 blocks of the restaurant. And in the square, (of which there are 20 some in the city) was the biggest dog any of us had seen in quite awhile. He seemed to be just standing there for no particular reason (I left the people in the photo to give a sense of his size)

but then he wandered over to a tiny lady who was apparently his owner. It's no wonder he didn't have a leash on him because she never would have been able to control him with it. He was obviously some type of help animal.

It was finally time for the restaurant to open so we headed back. We were the first people there (a bit eager, perhaps?) but we were immediately followed by another group. The baby talking hostess asked us both if we had called ahead for reservations. We hadn't, the other group had. They were seated first.

Okay, no biggie. But it must have been a strike against us because they seated us in the bar area (which is where they put everyone else who came in and hadn't shown the good taste to call for reservations. I suppose it was amazing that we even got seated at all since the place was oh so busy. You know, at least 7 tables in the place had diners by the time we left. Out of 30 or so.). But we knew it was a bit pretentious before we went in so it wasn't too much of a surprise. Hey, we were only there for the food and the fun.

And oh my gosh, did we have fun. We even got the waiter to loosen up a bit and crack wise. We women folk got laughing so hard it's a wonder they didn't toss us.

Yup, Savannah is a great place if you are looking for a good time. I don't think it would have been possible to have a better evening. Even without reservations!


annest said...

Did this celebration have anything to do with a certain person's birthday???? Sounds like fun. I have a fondue pot. Do you? We could have a girls' night out here!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Nope. Just a night out. And yes, I have 2 fondue pots!

Mara said...

Try cycling over cobbled streets: especially tricky when wet or icy! But since it's the only road home there is for me...

Kate said...

Well that looks like it was a hoot! I've always wondered about that lovely city.. thanks for posting those great photos. And wow, that dog is the size of a pony!