Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am So Lazy

Why? Because I went looking for a meme to post and look what I found! Any of you who wish to may play along but I promise I will shed no tears if you don't. If you do though, golly gee it will make me happy!

So here I go;

What author do you own the most books by?

Oh yeah, that has to be Stephen King. Followed closely by Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz.

What book do you own the most copies of?

No such critter. I have so many books that I only keep one of each. And I still wind up donating bunches to the library.

Does it bother you that both those questions ended with a preposition?

Jeez, I hope not. Because that's 90% of my writing!

What fictional character are you secretly in love with?

Lula from the Stephanie Plum books. I want to be that self-confident.

What book have you read the most times?

I don't usually read anything more than once. There are just too many books out there for me to try to get through.

What was your favorite book when you were 10 years old?

Black Beauty. No doubt. I only read it 10,000 times. I may even read it again for a refresher. And this answer kind of negates the previous one doesn't it?

What is the worst book you've read in the last year?

I can't remember. I know if I really hate a book, I get rid of it immediately.

What is the best book you have read in the last year?

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. No question. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

If you could force everyone to read one book, what would it be?

None. Find what you like and go with it. And hopefully you will become a lifelong reader.

Who deserves the next Nobel Prize for literature?

Well, duh. I do, of course.

Okay, enough for today. I will finish this later this week (on pins and needles waiting, aren't you?). Mara and Kate, I am hoping you do this too because both of you have given some stunning recommendations this year!


Mara said...

No pressure there then! I will do my best though.

jeri said...

i'll have to do some research(look at the shelves) and get back to you
stand by...

Kate said...

Ooh, that was fun.

Now I want to read Black Beauty again. And maybe The Black Stallion, too. ;)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Yeah, I loved the black stallion series too. And Misty of Chincoteague.

jeri said...

-most difficult- bleak house by dickens. too much wretchedness and snivelling.
-French vs Russian- a well rounded exercise regimen includes both free weights and rubik's cubes..so either are good...in moderation
-Sedaris- i like to laugh, and i can't help "hearing" his voice and delivery while reading him.
-Early mythology- I can't remember who all those god's were and it may be important in the afterlife.
-I haven't found an all time favorite yet. There are just too many fantastic tales out there.
-Fav. play- Taming of the Shrew. Hilarious ego wars.
-Short story(ies)-Asimov's I robot were the first i read as a youngster and they got me hooked on reading science fiction.
-Non-fiction-??? who reads these for enjoyment? I read them for enlightenment and if they do the job, then it's good.
-Most overrated- Any of those "franchised" character writers that run a recurring plot into the ground. Cussler, Evanovitch, Cornwell, Patterson, Cornwell....shall I go on?
-Desert island book- something that combines Terry Pratchett and an SAS manual. If you come across one, let me know.
-Reading now? Last night I finished "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Larsen and started "Caramba!" by Martinez. So I'm currently undergoing stylistic shock. But such changes are what makes reading so much fun.

jeri said...

So I'll try to put this one in the right comment box
-Most owned-I'm a hardcore library rat, so I get most of my books there, but when they fall short on anything by a favorite author I'll buy it. But, maybe Terry Pratchett. That man has an unmatchable wit and twisted sense of humor that most libraries don't seem to find essential.
-Most copies- Over the years I must have picked up a dozen copies of the I Ching. I keep misplacing them, so I still haven't figured the damned thing out.
-Preposition endings are now considered OK by the authorities, but occasionally I still cringe.
-In love? Lust? or wish I could be? I think I'll keep the first 2 to myself and say, for the third, the Maturin character from O'Brien's "Master and Commander" series. To have those adventures and discoveries would be fantastic.
-Most read-ibid- the I Ching.
-At 10? I was reading a lot of Steinbeck. Maybe that's why I have such a cynical world view.
-Worst in last 10 years- There have been many books I never finished. I follow the 20 pages rule and if I just can't stand them after that, they get put aside.
-Best last year- sorry, I read too many good books. Maybe we can sit around a campfire and talk genres and styles and pick from each category.
-Force others to read- ANY BOOK!! Just turn off the damned TV and computers and read! Get an active imagination going and stop being a passive sponge.
-Nobel award goes to..everybody who takes the time to try to communicate eloquently. I'm sick of acronyms and "text-speak".

Misfit in Paradise said...

jeri - An extensive list. And I enjoy the additional insight!