Thursday, September 2, 2010

401 (Not To Be Confused With 300)

My last post was number 400. Apparently that one fried my brain because there doesn't seem to be much up there these days. Either that or I can blame it on the heat. I'm going to let you choose the option you prefer.

Fuchsia is off to Seattle for PAX (I should explain she no longer has fuchsia colored hair. It is now Ravenclaw blue in honor of the pub crawl this evening. Just what you want to picture your little girl doing!) so I decided to invite some guests for dinner. Beef with bernaise sauce, peach cobbler for dessert (Take that Kate!). A nice opportunity to relax with my peeps.

And tomorrow? The Bassman rolls in for a weekend visit. Which will hopefully give me tons of blogging material. Have a great holiday weekend.

1 comment:

Kate said...

My vote is for the heat.

Dinner / dessert description, duly noted! (tummy grumbling)

I admire a girl who can wear any colored hair! Too cool.

Have a happy weekend with the B Man!