Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look. At. That.

I am afraid it is time for me to eat some crow (ack. Dang those feathers). The Commonwealth sent someone out to FIX THE ROAD.

The morning began with lots of noise and unhappy motorists (one lane open on a curve. Mind you, we get tractor trailers on this road!). I am pretty sure that the first time that driller made any kind of noise my horses hightailed it to the next county. I didn't see them again until dinner time and then I had to go find them and convince them the big nasty horse eating machine was gone.

As the afternoon wore on, it got progressively dustier. The highway guys had respirators but they didn't use them. I figured if they weren't worried than I wasn't going to be either.

By the middle of the afternoon, they were gone and this is what remained,

A shoulder! With supports! And a promise they would request guardrails! It is a far cry from this.

So thank you Kentucky. For both the road repair and the awful tasting crow I suffered through.

1 comment:

Mara said...

Hold on, hold on! They promised to order some guard rails? You mean to say they've not yet received them and are not installing them tomorrow?

Perhaps I am too cynical, but I would stop eating the crow until they have installed those!