Friday, June 11, 2010


If you think this is going to be one of those gushy posts talking about what a wonderful time and what a wonderful band and blah blah blah, well, you would be right.

It was the first time I had been to that venue and finding it (with thanks, wait, maybe NO thanks, to Google Maps) was a tad difficult. It didn't help that downtown is in the midst of being reconstructed so many of the streets were blocked off.

We did finally find the bar. Which used to be a distillery. A big building with a parking lot that might fit 50 cars. Not a good combination. Fuchsia and I found a place to park a little over a block away. Of course, there were no sidewalks because the road was all torn up (we can only hope that Lexington gets these little problems solved before the world equestrian games) but at least we had a place within walking distance.

Got to Buster's, picked up our tickets (the show was sold out. Good thing I had preordered!), and headed in. To find the staff pushing water out the side door. Hunh.

We later learned that the toilets were all overflowing because a sewer line had broke. An employee walked onstage between the first and second bands and made the announcement. She also said the bathrooms were closed. The instant the words came out of her mouth I had an overwhelming desire to use it.

By 10 pm the restrooms were working, the crowd was well lubed, and Dropkick Murphy's hit the stage. Yeah! No really, Yeah! Once they started they just kept going. No discussing what song was next, no breaks for the drummer to catch his breath, nada. For their last two songs (before the encore) they invited any women onstage that would like to go. Perhaps 20 young ladies joined them for a giant sing along.

After the first encore song (Shipping Up To Boston), they made the same offer of stage time to the guys. About 40 very drunken men took advantage. So many that you could no longer see any of the band members. Everyone was singing. I loved seeing the band connect with its fans. No performer segregation. Instead just a 'we are all here to have a good time' thing. The kind of evening you hate to see end.

Fuchsia and I made it home about 2:30. She said she had a good time but it was "too loud" (whose child is she?). Me? I'm still enjoying the ringing ears, sore feet, stiff shoulders, and wonderful memories! And because you all tell me you love my pictures, I will even share the two I took with my teeny tiny phone;

It's almost like you were there too, isn't it?


Mara said...

Fantastic photos! Makes me feel exactly as if I have been there! :)

Glad you liked it though. There's nothing worse than having your hopes up and having them dashed by a lousy performance!

Kate said...

Awesome! You rock Misfit! I'm so glad you had a blast at DKICKs!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Thanks! A great time!