Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Monday!

Tonight marks my foray back into the Monday Musicale thing. We will be starting with the same band that started it last year, The Lemmon Family (do I not keep saying I have the best neighbors? And my other neighbor writes the press releases!).

All the bands play for donations. The only thing the city supplies is a gazebo to play in and electricity. I have been amazed at the bands willing to do this.

Maybe someday the city will kick in a few dollars for the performers. Or even advertise it. For now, it's just me trying to give the community something to do.

So if any of you are in or near Liberty, Kentucky on a Monday night this summer, please drop in.

This means you, Mara!

1 comment:

Mara said...

I would love to drop by and all the bloggers from across the pond make it increasingly hard for me to keep saving instead of just buying a plane ticket to the USA for a holiday.

That lottery, that lottery...