Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Surrender!

I was going to tough it out and not use the air conditioner upstairs this year. Which is where I sleep. And it has been 85 degrees inside when I go to bed at night. But after a week of no sleep and plenty of coughing (from all the lovely pollen coming through the open windows), I concede (I just looked up the word to make sure I was using it properly and noticed it is from the French. Go figure). Not only is the AC back in the window, it is turned on HIGH. So now it is not only cooler in here but I have regained the will to live. Win/win.


Mara said...

Sometimes it's better to just give in to save yourself from madness! Fortunately we don't need aircons in the Netherlands, but I've been really happy with them in Italy!

Kate said...

Yes, good move. I may have to break down myself in the next day or two.. supposed to be in the 90's!

Misfit in Paradise said...

I actually slept last night.