Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Highway Fixin'

I live on a fairly bad curve on a state road. The state part matters because it means the county has no responsibility for it.

For years I have asked for guard rails on the curve. Matter of fact, there were rails laying in the grass when I bought this place and when I asked the state to come put them up well, they just came and took away the rails. Not enough room to put them up before the road drops off.

Since the flood (May), the creek that runs alongside the curve has washed out the edge of the road. Not only the edge but in some spots the blacktop is simply hovering in the air. I am not an engineer but I am guessing that is probably not the safest road configuration.

Apparently the state has finally decided they needed to take some action (I am assuming someone complained). Yesterday 2 different trucks came out to survey the situation. The result?

All fixed! Last year they pounded a reflector in the ground (which the snowplow took out). This year we have upgraded to 2, count em' 2, orange cones.

Ain't modern technology grand?


Mara said...

So, it's basically like this: someone has to die before proper action is taken. It sounds familiar!

(Mind you, those cones make fantastic hats when you're a bit tipsy)

Misfit in Paradise said...

No one has died, just tons of people driving into the creek.
I will remember that about the hats.

Eastcoastdweller said...

One of the funniest photos I ever took for the newspaper was some poor guy shoveling deep snow at the bottom of the steep hill below his house, in front of a sign that said "State Maintenance Ends Here."

Misfit in Paradise said...

That would be a great photo.