Friday, June 4, 2010

Heart Healthy?

When I got home from book club last night I stopped at the barn to put the horses in the ring (because lately, right after the sun goes down, the little buggers have been escaping from the pasture). It was raining pretty hard so I grabbed my rainbow colored umbrella. I popped that puppy open and horses flew in all directions! It didn't matter how much I talked or tried to let them know it was me, they weren't getting any closer. There was nothing I could do except close the umbrella and stand in the rain until they would come close. Pretty doggone special.

Speaking of dogs (kinda'. Weren't you paying attention?), when I got to the house they had to go out too. Neither one of them was too keen on the rain. I finally cajoled them into going outside into the yard (by going with them) and lightning hit way too close for any of us. The older little dog has not moved that fast in years. She was back at the door before I could even turn around. She's deafer than a post too so you know it had to be pretty loud. The three of us returned to the house with their mission unaccomplished. It took us two more tries before we were able to stay out there long enough.

And all this time I thought owning animals lowered your blood pressure.


Mara said...

I always thought it was stroking a cat that lowered your blood pressure. Seeing them projectile vomit isn't good, let alone having to deal with scared horses and/or dogs!

I hope they are doing fine now though.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Everyone seems fine. Including me. That lightning was REALLY close!

Kate said...

My lil' Shetland pony always used to FREAK when ever I came out to take a photo of him. He thought the camera was going to kill him, I guess! Horses sure are funny like that.

Misfit in Paradise said...

They are beautiful when they are on 'alert'. All snorting with heads held high!