Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen Library

I am a sucker for cookbooks. No, I don't cook that much but I do love thinking about all the possibilities. Any time that I go to an event that has a local cookbook I am compelled to buy it.

Such was the case with our trip to Cortez. The Southwestern Cowbelles had a booth at the Ag Fair where they were selling cookbooks, giving out recipes, and distributing pamphlets describing the different cuts of beef. I purchased one of the books (it was a given) and buried it in my suitcase for a week.

This week I decided to look through it to see if there were anything I might want to whip up (or at least think about whipping up).

Beef. Beef appetizers, beef soups, beef main courses. And to go with the beef? Well duh, potatoes of course. In cream, in butter, in condensed soup.

I was thinking there must be something kinda' healthy in there so I checked the salad section. Jello salad. Divinity salad. Beef Caesar Salad.

Maybe I should have looked at the inside cover which reads, "Rib Sticking Ranch Food and More." They weren't kidding. It does sound delicious but I can't help but wonder what everyone's cholesterol numbers are.

Probably the same as mine!


Mara said...

My favourite cookbooks? M*A*S*H Mess (yep, all the awful food from the series), a Fried Green Tomatoes cookbook with some extremely weird ingredients (in my mind) and a Muppet cookbook (including a recipe for frog legs which didn't make Miss Piggy too happy).

So, in that cookbook of yours, are there any nice ribsticking delicious desserts?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Mara - I will research that and get back to you.
Frog legs are pretty popular in Kentucky. One dish I am not interested in.

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

I tried frog legs...good god it was awful!
I love cookbooks but my favorite is the good ol fashions betty crocker cookbook.
Although, I am a fan ribsticking meals....and potatoes and I have a love affair going.