Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Fountain

Bad news boys and girls. The winds (boy is that word not strong enough) knocked over the Trevi look alike and busted it all up. Of course that happened the very same day that the birds finally decided it wasn't a threat and were having a great time in it. There was much sadness all around.

Especially for Bassman because he knew he would be called upon to fix it. Which wasn't going to be easy since it was resin (Hey, I thought it was concrete! Or, you know, maybe not) and resin does not respond well to repair attempts. But I had faith because Bassman can fix anything.

Just because he is Mr. Superfixerguy doesn't mean he enjoys doing it. He can get into some world class grumbling when one of those projects is underway and the Treviette proved no different. I dropped it off and left so I wouldn't have to bear witness.

I expected it to be in working order and maybe one step above duct tape repair (which is how I would have done it). I should have known better. He would never do such a shabby fix. Not only is it back in one piece but it is now on a weighted base to give it a fighting chance against the wind. There is much rejoicing in the bird community.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Yay!! i like the base..and boy does this man just love you.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Yeah, he's a pretty okay old guy.

Betsy said...

yup...B2...he's the man!

Betsy said...

yup! B2 - he'd be the man!
p.s. how's the darned cute pink bike of yours?! I haven't seen a picture with the basket yet- (forgive me if I missed that post and you did).
...also...Earth Day is coming! ~ watch your mailbox! = )

Misfit in Paradise said...

Oh hey, I do have the basket on! Keep your eyes peeled.