Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I guess I was a bit distracted as I first posted the previous post on the Liberty blog. It's tough when someone you love is ill. Hopefully he is improving. He has a doctor appointment later today which should give us some new insight.

Even the weather decided to be uncooperative. First it began snowing again then the frost heaves caused a major rockslide in the eastern part of the state. I70 is closed 'indefinitely'. I think the great state of Colorado may be saying, "Former Yankee go home!"

However, I have never reacted well to being told what to do (go ahead, just call my Dad and ask him), so I guess I will stick to this area at least a little while longer.

Perseverance. It's character building.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

I saw the footage about the rock (boulder) slide! 66 tons some of them weighed!!
Is dad sick?

Misfit in Paradise said...


Kate said...

Sending healing vibes your way... Being distracted by life's challenges is certainly excusable!