Friday, March 12, 2010

The Neighborhood

It was such a beautiful day today (in the high 50's) that I decided to go out walking and get some pictures for the Montrose blog. While I was out I learned some things that you might need to know. In case there is a quiz later.

A) Batman lives within three blocks of me and drives a minivan. That information could come in handy in case of a sudden crime wave. Or a need to get to a nearby soccer game.

B) This is, in addition to being a house, apparently a ship. I deduced this by the crow's nest in the back yard. A new definition of the word houseboat!

C) Something scary lives under the eaves here. Maybe. Or maybe it is simply some harmless bird nest. Could go either way.

D) Last but not least, definite proof that there is a middle school across the street. Because this is not just paper trash but school papers with very low grades on them. Mom and Dad will never know.

Trivial? I think not. Cause when those middle schoolers climb down from the crow's nest and beat the tar out of the scary thing, knowing where Batman lives will suddenly become very, very important. Unless he's at the soccer field.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

what if those were Batmans grades?

Misfit in Paradise said...

OMG!!! Say it ain't so!

Mara said...

It's always important to know something like that. Without you would miss out on life!

Kate said...

What if those were Batman's kids grades?