Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Late,

I'm late, for a very important date. You see I didn't blog last night and post early this morning like I have been doing because I was at a midnight showing of the new Alice in Wonderland. The movie was a ton of fun, the theater was FANTABULOUS (I am hoping to get some pictures of that place on the inside), but this lady didn't get home until after 2 and the truth is that's kind of hard on a girl who left 30 behind quite awhile ago. Which means, dear followers, that you had to wait until I leapt out of bed at the crack of 10:30 for your daily Misfit fix. For which I apologize. But I am here now so we shall carry on as if all is normal.

Today is Fuchsia's birthday. 27 years old for anyone who may be counting. I have to bake and decorate a cake while she is sleeping. She works nights and her schedule is always unpredictable. The cake may or may not be a surprise depending on the crack of what hour she gets up.

However, the beautiful diamond birthday tiara (it better be real because I spent $3 on it and if you can't get diamonds for that then what is the world coming to?) will be. I like this idea so much I am hoping it becomes a tradition.

So I must beg your forgiveness and disappear into the kitchen to begin preparation for the birthday festivities. Because you are only allowed to be late for important dates one time a day!

PS I just Stumbled Upon this and it is so much fun I had to include it,

and, if you like marching bands, you MUST check out the official version at

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Mara said...

That tiara looks lovely! Very royal...

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your Fuschia.. and I'm sure she's going to love the cake! And what's NOT to love about a diamond tiara? Nice!