Friday, February 26, 2010


For those of you who know me, I have an announcement to make. All I can say is that I hope you are sitting down because this is, well, in the realm of the truly unbelievable.

Um, yeah. Okay, here goes. I have not been in a nail salon in almost 2 months. Not only that but I am slowly attempting to remove all traces of the acrylic nails. And it's killing me.

No, not literally. But like all good addicts, I am going through withdrawals. Both physically (my 'nails' are so weak that they bend at the slightest touch. Like putting my hands in my pockets) and psychologically (those stubby things are mine? Really?). It doesn't help that I know there are at least 4 salons in this town that I am sure would be quite willing to help me out of my dilemma (and when did they take the 'n' out of the word dilemma?) but I must persevere.

The best I can figure, based on the rate of growth I have seen so far, is that it will take about 8 months before I have my own nails back. 8 months.

So if you have not wandered down this crazy, dangerous road of acrylics I must warn you. STAY AWAY. It will only cause you and your loved ones exquisite agony.

If it is too late and you are already on the treacherous highway all I can say is, YOU GO GIRL! I WISH I WERE YOU! I ENVY ... I mean, uh, good luck. I'll be thinking of you. A lot.


Mara said...

Milk! Or yoghurt! One glass of milk a day and your nails will stop being so bendy.

PS: was there ever an n in dilemma? Perhaps you could start a petition to get it back in...

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

i love going to get my nails done! sometimes I cant wait the two week fill date and I go in between just to get them painted again...sigh. I do fear what its doing to my nails though. H0w long did you have yours done for?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Several years. And while I liked the way they looked, I hated driving to Danville once a month (oh yeah, they were always overdue!) and spending 2 hours sitting there. So I am hoping this change is a good one!