Thursday, February 11, 2010


To give myself something to do I decided to start a Montrose photo blog. Now maybe it's because I am not from here so I see things differently but, boy howdy, there is just a ton of stuff to photograph!

Such as this one that proves I am not in Kentucky anymore!

And the landscaping sure is different than what I am used to.

Although I have to admit the maintenance looks a whole bunch easier.

There are old western style buildings throughout the city.

And directly across the street, in the arroyo (not trace or ditch or creek) lives the local duck population.

But mostly, it is the mountains that surround three sides of us.

The above picture was taken while it was snowing on the mountains. Lots of snow up there, none in town. Is that perfect or what?


Kate said...

Yes, perfect. And I love the photos, especially the duck! Excellent shot.

Misfit in Paradise said...


annest said...

I remember living in that type of environment. Makes me like it here in KY even more! But the mountains are beautiful. Do you have resacas there ?

annest said...

PS. I don't see the Montrose photo of the day link on the paradise blog. It's on the Liberty photo of the day, though.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Anne - No clue on the resacas.
Thanks for the heads up on the Montrose blog link. I like the new link so much I may change the Liberty link.