Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girls Night Out

The plans were that I would meet two of my friends (who, as they read this, are quaking in fear that I am going to add their pictures to this post) this afternoon and we would go out for an early dinner at Eddie Montgomery's new restaurant. Despite our best intentions, we tend to get together for meals only about twice a year. It's a special treat (for me at least!).

I didn't know what time I would be getting home (these women are wild women. Both of them have attended concerts with me. Nine Inch Nails and Puddle of Mudd. Are you bored with the parentheses yet?) and I wanted to make sure the horses were fed before dark (and before I was all gussied up).

It was raining when I took the hay out. Sure as the sun rises in the east, I fell in the mud. Oh yeah. Not just a bit either, all down one side. Hooray.

After another shower, I went and picked up the NIN wild woman. We stopped for some minimal shopping and then headed into Harrodsburg (why have I gone so long with no paranthetical statements? Oh, wait...) to meet the Puddle of Mudd lady at the restaurant.

It was a BIG place. Big enough that, when they were building it, I thought it was going to be one of those monster size churches.

Definitely not a church. A restaurant/bar/concert venue. High ceilings with a fairly open floor plan. Unfinished wood throughout. A large stage for the bands that perform every weekend. One hundred forty employees. Impressive for a large town let alone in tiny Harrodsburg.

Knowing that it was also a bar, I was expecting bar food. Uh, no. I had beef tenderloin with a buttery garlic sauce and bernaise. My companions also had different variations of dead cow. We finished dinner by splitting a creme brulee. Scrumptious. Definitely NOT bar food. But, oh my gosh, definitely worth getting gussied up for!

And, being the wild women we are, our night out was finished by 8 pm.


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Looks like a fun place! Good to hear from you! We lived in Louisville for four years and loved it there!

Kate said...

Hope you WW took the day off today, after that wild night out! Love the photos of the funky place. (I never tire of parenthesis. Big fan, big fan.)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Blue Eyed Tango - I loved your website. Anything with that many horse pictures is fine with me!
Kate - I took the day off, Dragged myself out of bed at 10:30. BTW, I think you would like the Blue Eyed website too.

annest said...

We WW (at least this one) are glad you didn't use a photo of us.I was in very good company. It was a great place to enjoy a delicious meal with good friends. The place is supposedly jam packed at night, especially when they have the bands playing (Thursay-Saturday). We were smart and went a tad early, before the dinner crowd. My meal was so good, I took half of it home because I didn't want it to be over!!