Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Post Christmas Treat

Oh to live in Holland!


Kate said...

Oh ho ho! Thank you for that!

Did I tell you I lived in Holland when I was 5-6-7 years old? So, the story of "Sinter Klaus" and "Swift Pete" (the "6-8 black men") was especially funny to me! My folks did play along when we lived there.. I remember putting out the wooden shoes and having them filled with candies the next day.. My little brain mixed up the two tales of Christmas, but once back in USA, I went back to the American story, and soon enough, of course, understood the real deal.

Like David said in the first part, the material gifts being more important than the family! Ha ha! Funny stuff.

Misfit in Paradise said...

I did not know that about you and Holland. What was the reason you were over there? Or is it one of those 'if you tell me you will have to kill me' kind of things?

Kate said...

Tee he! yes we were in the witness protection... ah, just kidding.

Dad got a 2 year job transfer, so off we went! An adventure for sure.. Though, me being so young, I didn't get a whole lot out of the deal. Except the memories of Swift Pete and Sinterklaus on the white horse..
Oh, and a love of tulips. And chocolate. And all things small and cozy, like Holland.
So, I guess I did get something out of the deal! :)

Antonio said...

That was HIGHlarious! Do you mind if I post those on my blog?

Misfit in Paradise said...

Antonio - Not at all. Feel free to post them.