Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Official

South Carolina is trying to kill me. I know, I know, that sounds a tad overdramatic, but I absolutely believe it. First the plague, then the stress of the apartment and the window, and this time? This time Comet was the recruit for the states' evil ploy.

I took her for a walk yesterday and somehow I dropped the leash. If it were the C-dog she would have simply stopped when I called her name but Comet had to keep walking. Not too fast (just enough to stay ahead of me) and she did keep looking back at me (nah, nah!) but she wouldn't stop. I attempted the brilliant move of stepping on the leash. Left foot on leash, slid forward, and right foot behind me. With all of me on the ground.

Something popped on the way down. Yowsa! For a few moments I thought I might be spending the rest of my life on that sidewalk (but at least I had the leash in my hand!). I worked my way into a standing position and limped into the house.

And my oh my, did it hurt. I kept telling myself. "It's only muscles! Only muscles!"

My body didn't care about the distinction. It kept saying, "It's PAIN!"

Okay, I had to agree with that.

I spent the night on the heating pad with the temperature set to 'laser' and it did help a bit. At least I as able to hobble downstairs this morning.

South Carolina, I promise this stay is only temporary. Please, please just let me live until December and then I will leave. And your evil plot will be our little secret.

P.S. I think the hurricane might be overkill, S. C.


annest said...

That devil dog! Bitten by the S.Carolina plotters who want you to return to you know where!! Take care of yourself. And remind Comet that if she does that again, there won't be anyone to take her for a walk!! Your hay came today.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Good to know!