Saturday, November 14, 2009


Joan (my original mother-in-law) and I made the requisite trip to Savannah. She wanted to go to the Peanut Shop and I was compelled to visit the Candy Factory (uhm, pralines. Remember? Heaven on earth!).

We went to River Street first where this marvelous boat was tied up. My pictures do not do it justice. It's a tall ship that was built in 1989 for a Brazilian industrialist. Privately owned! Wow.

In 2000, the ship was sitting in a boatyard for sale. An organization called "The Twelve Tribes" purchased it and restored it to seaworthiness. The beautiful vessel was renamed Peacemaker.

The organization's vision is to make the ship, "a demonstration of people living and working together in unity."

I can't speak to any of that. What I can tell you is they offered free self-guided tours and I was not about to pass that up.

The woodwork was absolutely stunning. Breathtakingly beautiful.

As was the stained glass scattered throughout.

(I gotta' convince the Bassman we need one of these!)

After my tour, we headed off to the important places for our necessary sustenance. Loaded down with way too much candy, we headed back to Hilton Head.

The day may have been overcast and windy but it still seemed near about perfect to me.

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watson said...

Oh wow. What a beautiful boat! They don't make it like that anymore.