Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am Disheartened

Remember the ads you used to see on my blog? Well, when people clicked on them I would earn a few pennies. Google Adsense doesn't pay until you have over $100 owed to you so it takes awhile to get a check.

I received my first check in April. It was looking like I had another one due in September ($150+) but instead I received an email telling me my account had been deactivated. Why? I don't know but when I went to their suggested site, it was all about ineligible ad clicks.

There was a form to fill out to protest their action. I did fill it out but there were questions I could not answer (where did my readers come from, how were they accessing the internet, and how did they come to my blog. How do I know?)

I do know that my readership has increased. I have posted more, placed ads in the local newspaper, tried to get added to google for certain words. The reward for my shameless self-promotion and more diligent posting has been sanction.


Stacy said...

Guess I won't be clicking on any more adds. What a rip!

annest said...

I was going to ask you about that. I don't see the google ads on anymore? Guess too many folks were getting wise to generating revenue by having their readers click through the ads. I'm so sorry!! But I still enjoy your blog!!