Thursday, August 6, 2009

127 Sale

Many years ago, 120 or so give or take a century, the powers that be decided that Rt. 127 needed more traffic. Take people out into the country and show them all the wonders of small town living. The best way to encourage this traffic would be to have a gigantic yard sale.

The sale route begins in Covington, Kentucky and ends somewhere in Alabama. 450 miles. It's great for the local economy (one of two times a year our hotel is full) but it does make driving a challenge. People try to shop from their car. While they drive!

Can you imagine how frustrating it is to get your car all the way up to the cruising speed of 30 or 35 (if you are lucky) and then have to lock the brakes up because the person in front of you noticed some piece of rusted out treasure in a yard along the road? Something they just have to have to put on display in their home in Virginia. Or Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana, etc.

Everyone is enticed to participate. No one is immune. Some people just have slower vehicles.

At least it won't be slow at work tomorrow night!


annest said...

I want those blue bowls ! So sorry I missed the sale. I kept driving up and down 127 wondering where all the traffic was. Everyone else talked about stop and go......

Misfit in Paradise said...

You must have a magic car!