Friday, July 17, 2009

Maybe a Bit Neurotic?

The C. Dog has been an absolute joy from the moment she arrived here. I was a bit worried about owning such a vicious breed but I figured we would get through it together. Now I am not sure I will ever own anything other than a doberman. Smart, fun, loving coward. I'm sold.

I'm sure it comes as a complete surprise to everyone that this dog is a bit different from the norm. Even when it comes to her dinner.

My house pets are all free fed. The dishes are full all the time and the critters can eat when they get hungry (which explains why Comet looks like a walking coffee table). Cruella, however, will only eat when I am home. I swear I could put out fresh hamburger and she wouldn't touch it until I walk through the door.

Once she decides it's okay to start, she hits the chow like a starving animal. Empties the dish and waits for more. Growls at Comet if she comes too close (doesn't mind the cats though).

The only reason for this that I can imagine is that she is concerned that if she eats and no one is here, she may not get outside in time. Either that or she is just a tad looney.

You pick.

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Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Awesome awesome picture of Cdog and the horse!