Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I work at a convenient store. It's just like every other store of its type in the US (except it is cleaner!). Milk and bread, cigarettes and soda, energy drinks and Gatorade.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gatorade (as I was), there appear to be approximately 672 different choices of the beverage. Our small store has almost two sections of the cooler devoted to it. An endless list of sizes, colors, flavors, and types (i.e. Gatorade vs. G2), each one with its own group of devotees.

So I found it somewhat surprising when a customer drove up to the window (yup, we even have a drive-thru), asked for a Gatorade, and when asked what kind said, "I don't know. Oh wait! Just not red."

Okay. That narrowed my search down. I only had to sort through 668 to decide what this complete stranger might be looking for.

I believe that this is akin to asking a waiter in a fine dining establishment for his recommendation. I acted the way I am sure many waiters would; closed my eyes and grabbed the first one I pointed to (a small purple. Typically a popular choice). She seemed satisfied.

I'm just hoping that no one ever forces me to make their decision when it comes to cigarettes. With all those choices available, we could be there a very long time!

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