Sunday, June 21, 2009


Like everyone else in the world, I have a 'morning' (the sun is up anyway) routine. I go downstairs, refill the dog's water dish, make coffee, then take the dogs out. If it were just C. Dog, I would turn her out but Comet, being old, slow, and deaf, needs watching to keep her out of the road. When we come back in, the coffee is ready (gotta' love the Bun coffee maker). This entire process happens while I am half asleep and still in my nightgown.

This morning, same old, same old. Until we came back in. And I saw this;

What I believed was the largest pile of cat puke ever! Big enough that I had to assume that all the cats got together and had a rolf fest. With a pile that large I just knew I had a cat on its last leg. Nooooooooo! Tragedy is not allowed first thing in the morning.

After the initial fright, I looked again. Ah. One of Cruella's toys that she had patiently picked most of the stuffing out of.

I believe that my animals setting me up like that first thing qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

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