Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easy Photography

My other blog is all photos of the area (or whatever catches my fancy). Today the subject was going to be bees.

When I first moved here, I decided to plant a few flower beds here and there. One of the first plants I bought was lamb's ear. Incredibly soft leaves, smells like pineapple when it isn't blooming, and an easy keeper that is incredibly well behaved.

In Tundra Land. In Kentucky, it is the next best thing to kudzu. I have 3 beds full of it. Every neighbor for miles around has been gifted some by me.

You're wondering why I bought so many of them, aren't you? I must have been crazy right? Noooo. All this springs from the ONE plant I purchased oh so many years ago.

Now it is blooming and the bees absolutely love it. Once again my front yard is vibrating with the little critters buzzing everywhere. A perfect photo op (as they say in the business. I don't know who they are and what business they are in, but they say it doggone it).

Look, there's one. Okay, not right this second but he was there when I lined the camera up.

I GOT IT! No, really. See his little wing there by the bottom blossom? Try again. At the top of the flower.

Right there! It..., but...,I saw it!

It was getting pretty frustrating. Especially since there were approximately one gazillion of the things in a 6 foot area.

Finally my relentlessness proved too much of a match for their orneriness.

Three in one photo! Not the perfect shot, truth be told not even a good shot, but the best I was gonna' get today.

So bees, I think we are going to call this one a tie.

Bees 1/2
Misfit 1/2


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Debating on when to stick my house plants outside for the summer..any thoughts on this??

Kate said...

I caught a photo of a bee on a dandelion once, but yeah, they are tricky to shoot. I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago trying to snap a photo of a butterfly feeding on a lilac blossom. Darn critter kept fluttering away!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Sparrow - even in Tundra Land the answer is NOW!