Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Great Holiday

Last Wednesday I had to drive to Louisville to pick up Bassman and Fuschia. On Thursday, Stacy, Ron, and The Cutest Baby in the World arrived. Heaven.

We rode horses, shopped at the nursery and the Mennonite store, planted some flowers, and had a great holiday cookout for the neighborhood (complete with fireworks). Unfortunately after the cookout on Sunday Stacy and Ron left and they took the Cutest Baby in the World with them. Heartless.

Today, Bassman had to catch a flight back to the wilds of Colorado. Another trip to the big city. I always hate to see him leave. Hard.

On the way back from Louisville, I noticed an oddity in front of me. From a distance, it looked like a giant cigar.

The closer I got, the more the shape was defined.

Until finally, I was close enough to see exactly what it was.

Oh my gosh, a UFO! Sure, they covered it with a tarp but anyone could tell what it was!


I am so glad I keep my camera with me!


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

How dare they take the cutest baby with them??
Glad you had a great visit and that you got to spend time with bassman..I don't think I even need to ask if there were any stops on your ride back home with them. :)

annest said...

Leave it to you to see the TOP SECRET UFO in transit...and document it on your blog, no less. I expect the FEDS will be knocking on your door at anytime now. Just holler if you need help.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Of course, they thought they could disguise it with a tarp! Silly old government