Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Once Upon a Time

A long, long time ago (dinosaurs were barely off the earth) there was a young girl who loved horses. She had posters of them, models of them, and any time the family passed one while out on a drive the girl would beg them to stop so she could pet it. She watched western movies, not because she liked them but because there would be horses. Mr. Ed, The Lone Ranger, and Fury were the best television shows ever in her opinion.

It almost goes without saying that this child had asked for a horse of her own (asked = incessant whining). After a few years of this her parents could no longer take it. They broke down and bought her a pony.

A pony! A half welsh, half horse, brown and white pony! The most wonderful creature in the world! And it was hers!

There was no doubt that this pony of the gods would have to have the best name ever. After tons of deliberation (at least 12 minutes), the girl decided on Princess! Surely no one in the history of the world had ever used such a unique name! Perfect!

When a horse comes into someones life there is suddenly much to learn. How to feed, what to feed, brushing, hoof picking, and the most impossible of all, how to put on a bridle and saddle. At first the adults did all this for her but eventually they tired of having to do it EVERY day. The girl had to learn to do it on her own.

Princess was determined to make it tough. She didn't much like the thought of being ridden. When the child would go into the pasture to catch the pony, Princess would wait until the girl was almost within reach and then wheel and kick. If the girl did succeed in catching and saddling the pony it didn't mean the fun and games were over. No. Princess would wait until they were a quarter mile from the barn, turn back toward it, and then run like the hounds of hell were after her. She would only stop once she was safely back in the barnyard. With or without her rider.

None of this mattered. Because the girl had a pony!

In the western movies and on the television shows, the horses were not only ridden but occasionally they would be hitched to a wagon. No one could have braved the wild frontier without their trusty Conestoga's.

The girl didn't have that kind of wagon. What she did have was a little red wagon that had probably seen better days. Still, it was a wagon and it would work to move her worldly possession's across the country. Or the pasture.

The problem was how to attach the wagon to the horse. She hadn't really paid much attention to the harness's that were used in the movies. Hmm. A lead rope tied from the halter to the handle of the wagon would probably do it.

Princess was caught and brought into the barn. She wasn't too keen on the sight of the Red Flyer but as long as it simply sat there it didn't seem too dangerous.

After some careful maneuvering, pony and wagon were attached. The girl encouraged Princess to take a step forward. Which she did. Which made the wagon creak. Which made the pony FREAK OUT.

The pony, lead rope, and wagon came flying out of the barn! Princess had no idea what it was but she knew it was chasing her. And it was right behind her! She couldn't get away from it! She would run a few strides, see it was still behind her and then kick the beejesus out of it. Over and over. By the time 10 minutes had passed the wagon was in a million pieces and the pony was on her way as far from the barn as she could get!

Eventually the pony was caught. Believe it or not, after that she became yet more difficult to catch.

Never again did the girl hitch an animal to a little red wagon. Lesson learned. Next time it would be something bigger. Like a dog house!

Who knew they could fly?


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

I just laughed so hard I spit water all over! I had awesome images flashing through my mind while reading this! Thanks for the trip you take me on with your journal.

Kissey said...

oh my gosh--this is my story, right up until the name. my almond to your princess.

annest said...

You should write a book. You are one funny lady, with lots of great stories to tell (I'll bet). Cute kid, by the way.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Kissey - Weren't those ponies wonderful? I will never forget her.
Annest - Thank you. I was a stunner!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Sparrow! I didn't mean to ignore you! My greatest fan!

Sparrow's Ramblings said...

I just read it to Lennon..he's the toughest critic of all and he laughed and laughed. Crazy lady!

Kate said...

My story too!
Except my little seal brown Shetland pony was named Ramakin Whiskey (Ramy for short), and I actually rode the pony, with the little red wagon attached to the saddle, with a friend seated in the wagon.

He wasn't too keen on it either.

Gawd we were crazy kids with our ponies, weren't we?

Great post! Brings back some good memories..

(ps I still have a crazy collection of Breyers..tucked away, but never to be rid of.. I bet you do, too.)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Kste, you would be right about the Breyers. And every time I go to Tractor Supply I head over to the horse corner to see what new models they have!

How did your friend in the wagon make out?

Kate said...

I don't really remember what happened to the friend in the wagon. I do sort of remember feeling guilty after a while, as I was riding Ramy with the red wagon attached to his girth with a rope.. I think I remember that wild look in the pony's eye..

And speaking of the Breyer Models, from '98-03 I worked in a small family owned toy store that sold Breyers. Naturally I broke down a bought a bunch of them during that time period. Silly me.

Misfit in Paradise said...

Every time I think of the two of you, I chuckle. I also laugh when I realize there were others with a wagon!