Sunday, April 19, 2009


Now that I am older, there are occasions (every day) when I use the heating pad at night. Since I sleep with 100 cats on the bed it was probably inevitable that sooner or later they would notice a warm spot.

Cupid, being the ultimate snuggler, was the first. She not only noticed, she fell in love. Every night she would search for it. It was under the blankets so it was not obvious. It took work.

Eventually she seemed to make the connection between where the cord was and where her heaven was waiting. On the rare days when I didn't make the bed (again, every day) she would lay on the exposed blue pad. Looking absolutely pathetic. Because it has a 2 hour timer on it. Yes, two hours of bliss and then it shuts off.

However, because I am so warm hearted (yuk,yuk) I turn it on low any time I walk into the bedroom and see her lying on it. Which makes me the best cat owner in the world.

Or at least the best one in her world.


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

Isn't it funny how we do things like that for our cats? I kept a ratty old box and even put a blanket in it because Tocho found it with the recycling and laid in for a day straight. It's his favorite spot now.

annest said...

You might have a discussion with the cats about their claws and how claws and electric wires don't mix. I know our dogs and cats love it when I put on the electric blanket for those really cold nights. Makes them sort of yearn for the cold. I'll make them happy next winter.