Monday, April 27, 2009

Bassman Has Left the Building

Yes, he has gone back to Colorado. But oh, the honey do list he had while he was here! He's probably thrilled to get away from my tasks!

Plumbing (which he hates). Building cabinets (which he does for a living). Hauling the trash down (well, duh. Because he is a guy). Torching the burn pile (because I am afraid I will set the entire world on fire when I do it). Changing all the burned out floodlights (a ladder involved. Need I say more?). Playing pool boy and getting it clean and ready for swimmers (if the temperature of the water ever gets above 75!).

And finally, he got the garden plowed. With a TRACTOR (that one is for you, Aaron!). Bassman never signed on to be a farmer but he does a swell impersonation of one.

So now that he is gone and has fixed all the household troubles, I guess it's my turn to work on MY honey do list. I'll be out raking stones and planting vegetables (which I will probably never eat) in the garden. Bassman? He'll be back to work where he only has to put in 8 hours a day!


Aaroneous said...

It's nice to see he uses a REAL tractor, as opposed to a "lawn" tractor. :)

annest said...

I guess he's definitely a keeper; but then you already knew that.