Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back in the Northern (Kinda') Paradise

Yes, I am home. Back in my own bed. Just me and my 37 cats.

While I was gone, my sister took me to a Japanese steak house. I have avoided going to such places for years. Mostly because I was convinced there would be sushi involved and I have dedicated my life to the avoidance of such culinary delicacies (crap).

Who knew that steakhouses were such fun? (Um, everyone but me apparently) My fellow diners were pretty good natured about me and my annoying camera. It was just so entertaining I had to take a million pictures.

For those of you who haven't been (It's okay! No sushi, honest!), I will try to describe it.

When we arrived, they sat us at a table that has a grill top in the center. There were already 4 other people seated so we completed the seating. This particular establishment had 3 tables total; one already cooking, the one we were at, and one which was waiting to be filled. The chefs would come out only when the table was filled.

Our first course was soup, followed by a salad, all brought by a waitress. As we were eating the salad, the chef came out and began cleaning the grill top. I don't know what he used but there was plenty of flame involved. He then put a mound of rice on along with 4 eggs. The eggs were fried then chopped and added to the rice with small vegetables. A few sauces were poured over the mix and then he divided the rice between all of us.

Next, he threw some shrimp on for appetizers. I was a tad scared when I saw that but they weren't placed into anything, merely offered up to the diners. My portion was shared by everyone else at the table.

This was followed by the larger vegetables. While they were stir frying, the chef made an onion volcano. He stacked different size slices, poured some type of oil in along with some butter, then lit it all. Everyone around the table applauded. The onion was added to the veggies, which were then added to our plates.

A quick clean of the grill, and then the meat and mushrooms were tossed on. The chef worked that knife like a surgical tool. Chicken breasts (which were shared by everyone), rib eye steak, and filet mignon all sliced into cubes. More sauces added and then each diners choice was placed onto their plates (which were HUGE!).

As we were eating, the chef finished cleaning the grill (more flames, more applause). The food was tender and juicy, the chef was entertaining as all get out, and my table mates all were very friendly.

It was an absolute blast! I came out of there buzzed! Never again will I turn down an invite to a Japanese steakhouse. I will go even if the restaurant does serve sushi!


Sparrow's Ramblings said...

So glad to have you back!
I have never been to one either but the picture of your food immediately made me crave some. Was the chef dancing in the last pic?? I hoped you tipped him well for that! Welcome back.

Misfit in Paradise said...

He had given me a peace sign but my camera was not quick enough to catch it.

Tranquility said...

That sounds like a great time! I've been to one of those and it was really entertaining. I think it's fantastic that you had your camera along and took photos!