Sunday, March 22, 2009

But I Really, Really Want One!

I have gone back to work at a convenience store (kinda'. On an as needed basis.) In this store we sell all the typical convenience stuff (except for beer - dry county) and we make sandwiches, have soft serve ice cream in the warmer months, and donuts in the morning.

Last night a customer (who appeared to be feeling no pain) came in and noticed the donut case was empty. He asked if we had any in the store at all. When I told him no, he asked me if I could make him one.

I have had some crazy requests before but that one takes the cake.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

How dare you not oblige him?? You should have not only made donuts but fed them to him as well....for shame. the newlywed

Misfit in Paradise said...

Okay, now I feel really guilty!

Morgan the Muse said...

Does it take... the doughnut?

Just wondering. :DD